What Matters to the Constituents of Senate District 9?

Transportation and Expanded Bus Service

Traffic congestion is a major problem in Georgia, and a large segment of residents depend on public transportation daily.

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job creation
Higher Minimum Wage, TechEconomy and Jobs

Minimum wages must be increased to a living wage. Technology is the future, and we must ensure jobs.

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Nurse and patient
Affordable Health Care and Medicaid Expansion

Affordable health care and human services must be provided including expansion of Medicaid and addiction fighting.

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diverse children
Cultural, Identity and Religious Inclusion

Our cultural, identity and religious differences make us great, and an inclusive strategy for connecting communities will bridge barriers.

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Gwinnett County, GA

Education: K - 2 Years of College

When public education was created, a high school diploma was sufficient. In the 21st Century, that equivalent is an associate degree.

Immigration Justice - DACA and DREAM

Immigrants are humans and the hallmark of this country. Related laws must be just with a clear path to United States citizenship.

Senior Citizens Tech Literacy Taskforce

Training senior citizens in the use of technology is empowering, and allows us to tap into a large overlooked knowledge base.

Voter Rights and End Gerrymandering

We must end the Republicans attack on voting rights and gerrymandering to surpress voter participation.

2nd Amendment Rights and Gun Control

We all have to right to legally own a gun. But gun control is necessary including a ban on assault weapons.

Public Safety and Justice for All

Working together we can build shared safety with a plan for fairness and protection using a proven model.

Legalization of Marijuana

Laws around Marijuana should be based on scientific facts and not emotions. Marijuana must be reclassified as a Schedule III or IV drug.

Government Spending and Balanced Budget

Government spending can be effective reduced and the budget balanced with a people-first strategy.